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Feds considering belt tightening

Sept 22, 2021
The Federal reserve says it might slow its buys of government-backed debt and says it's considering raising interest rates in 2022, The New York Times reports.

Powder evaluates explosives

Sept 1, 2021

Butte's daily paper reported that an old box of dynamite was found in a mine shaft beneath Silver Bow Homes. An explosives expert was brought on scene to evaluate the risk. His name, Buckley Powder.

ButteNews adds a rep

Feb 3, 2021
We've added a new rep to the fold. 
In addition to the seasoned Tim Rogers, Ken Dockter has come on board.
We're lucky to have both of them.
They can help you with your advertising, both in print and online. 406.533.5717

Witness to a murder

Oct 19, 2020
I saw a murder this morning.
It flew into the burned out hulk of the Irish Times building.
A band of forlorn looking pigeons emerged just after. God only knows what depredations occurred inside.

Our leaders think you're stupid

Oct 15, 2020
The blizzard of campaign mail heaps in your box like a pile of debris from a storm.
There are various loud and obnoxious messages in the pile, leveling charges at opposing candidates, but the actual message is the same. The mail says, "We think you are stupid."
They not only broadcast that American voters are stupid, but the images that accompany their vile rhetoric say that they think their fellow citizens are of poor character.
Candidates occasionally let slip their true feelings about their fellow Americans. 
Hillary Clinton called us deplorables. Mitt Romney called us the 47 percent. 
Recently pardoned political operative Roger Stone said in a documentary that he targets "unsophisticates" for his message.
Let's prove them wrong.

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